5 ways to help our Furry friends.
It has always been a core philosophy of ours at Pasela Partners and Properties to donate a portion of every transaction to help speak for those who cant.  This combined with our quarterly fundraisers allows us to be able to truly give back. We are working hard to create and fund our own no kill shelter here in Salt Lake City. But until we do. Here is a few ideas that you can help with that will go along way. Please join us this year as we not only count our blessings, but share them. 

1. Share Posts on Social Media
You know those posts. The ones with the heart-melting photos of that show up in your social media feeds and make you want to reach out and hug the featured animal. While you might not be able to adopt the dogs or cats you see on social media right now (or at least not all of them), you can easily help spread the word. Just become a fan of your favorite shelter or rescue group’s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter, if you haven’t already. You’ll get to see cute photos of pets in need, and if you share or retweet, you might help find them the perfect home. If you’ve , the volunteers want to hear your success stories, too. Take a minute to say thanks with a post of your and an update on how he's doing. It’s rewarding for the volunteers, and you could inspire someone else who sees it to adopt, too.

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2. Donate Money
Here’s another thing you can do from the comfort of your home or office: Head to your local shelter or rescue’s website and make a holiday contribution with just a few clicks. Any amount you can give will be welcome. Lots of animal groups also have wish lists set up online that make it easy for you to donate what they need. They often also appreciate gift cards to big-box stores. But if your budget is too tight at this time of year to make a monetary donation, there are plenty of other ways to give.

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3.  Donate Used Items
You might not realize that you have lots of items around your home that could benefit animal shelters — and help you clean out your closets. Many rescues can put old towels, newspapers, and new or gently used dog or cat beds to good use. Some will take toys you’ve made from recyclables, . But check your shelter's website first to see what it needs and will accept.
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4.  Drive for Transport
Many rescue groups and some shelters use volunteers to to areas where they’re . Depending on the group you’re working with, the amount of time you put in volunteering could be anywhere from a few hours to a full weekend — just let the staff know what you can commit to.

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5.  Spend Time With the Animals
Shelter cats and dogs need and someone to lift their spirits. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, you might be able to squeeze in some time for a cuddle. Some shelters allow screened volunteers to take dogs out for short outings, like a hike or just a drive. You both get , the dog gets time away from the shelter — and you'll lower your own holiday-related stress level! If you want to take it to the next level, consider giving a shelter pet a temporary for the holidays. Some shelters have fewer volunteers this time of year — or ones who could use a break. It’s a gift for everyone: the pet, the volunteers and you.

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Thank you for all you do and taking the time to read this.  We love Serving you and look forward to chatting with you.  Please fell free to call if you would like any other ideas.
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5 ways to help our Furry friends.

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